Im gonna get a DURON, now what MOBO can I use?
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Thread: Im gonna get a DURON, now what MOBO can I use?

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    Siamese Guest

    Im gonna get a DURON, now what MOBO can I use?

    I know that the Duron will be using the Socket approach, so when will the new mobo's be coming out with Socket 4XX support?

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    If you check they have a section for Duron mobos now.
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    Wait until the Asus socket-A board comes out (believe it's the A7V...) It looks like a real winner; you can adjust voltage and multiplier from the motherboard/bios. The others can't (as far as I know). No more messing around with FSB overclocking! Tom's has an article on o/c Durons/T-birds if you want to check it out.
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    I really think this is the route I will go. I have owned several Asus motherboards and really like them. The A7V should be here soon.

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