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Thread: Peltier TEMPERTURE

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    Peltier TEMPERTURE

    Hi. I'm running a 62W Tec and a FPD32 Heatsink and a 38CFM Fan on a 600E. The Temp while idle is around -20 and 14 to 18 while running Prime95. So I'm wondering if it's dangerous when the Temp is -20 while idle? Any suggestion would be great.

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    Well, i've seen people have their cpu's at that temp... shouldn't be any problem.
    But then maybe someone more experienced should give a better answer.

    Duckman, #rotor or S_klass???

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    I have problems accepting those low-temps as accurate since my watercooler with TWO 90W peltiers don't get below -8C.....(do you use anu cooling software?? If yes, then DON'T, it'll kill yur CPU in no-time!!!)

    Anyway, it's no problems with -20C as long as you have sufficient insulation on the CPU like this:


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    It's not dangerous to the chip but there is always the problem of ice/condensation forming if the chip is so cold. Condensation can lead to corrosion.

    I don't know what people do to get around that but I guess they must have a solution.

    Regards MOF

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