POLL: What motherboard, CPU, Ram combo's doe's everybody haveżżż
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Thread: POLL: What motherboard, CPU, Ram combo's doe's everybody haveżżż

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    May 2000
    QLD, Australia

    POLL: What motherboard, CPU, Ram combo's doe's everybody haveżżż


    Im about to get a new motherboard so I thought I would do a poll on what all off you o/c nuts have.

    I need to know motherboard/CPU/RAM/ What rating you give your motherboard and what rating you give you combination.

    My System:

    Celeron 2 566
    256mb pc133
    Aopen AX6BC Pro
    8x 40x Mata****a DVD Rom
    8x 4x 32x Sony Cd r/rw
    Fastcom Tv tuner
    Aopen Aw744 Sound Card
    Acer 10/100 NIC
    Powercolor 32mb TNT2 M64 w/ tv in/out

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    Nov 1999
    Suffolk, UK
    Motherboard: Microstar MS-6167 Slot A
    CPU: Athlon 500MHz
    RAM: Generic PC100, 128MB

    -I would give my motherboard 4/10 (it works but has no overclocking options)
    -I would give the CPU 9/10 (could only be better if it had on-die L2 cache)
    -I would give my RAM 8/10 (it works and that is all I need)


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    May 2000
    Oslo, Oslo, Norway
    Motherboard: Intel 440LX
    Processor: PII 333@400 (oh, the shame!)
    Ram: Hyundai PC 100, 128 MB

    Well, the system is old, and i'm just too cheap to replace it, so you really can't blame it for sucking so badly

    Mobo, stinks, 2/10, can't go higher than 80 Mhz FSB!

    Processor: good, very (!) cool even clocked at 400. very little difference (333-400)

    Ram: well, nothing special really, works fine with me: 5/10

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    krustyboy Guest
    MB: Gigabyte GA-6VX-4X
    CPU: PIII 550e @ 142mhz FSB (784mhz)
    VID: TNT2 @ 144mhz (AGPx2 @ 72mhz)
    RAM: 128mb Generic @ 142mhz

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    Feb 2000
    Mobo: Soyo SY-6VCA, Via Apollo Pro 133A
    CPU: Intel Pentium III 450 @ 600 (Katmai)
    RAM: Generic PC 133, 64mb (only temporary)

    Mobo: 9/10, with the latest tweaks it has good performance, great overclocker as well.
    CPU: an oldie, but with better RAM it still does 640 Mhz. 9/10
    RAM: just a stick of crap RAM, but I had no time to wait for better to arrive. I'll rectify that in August with some Mushkin
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    Apr 2000
    Soyo 6VCA
    CII 533@600
    GoldenOrb HSF
    MSI Sloket adapter
    TNT2 AGP Card
    SB Live Value
    20GB Maxtor HDD
    40x CDROM Generic
    96MB PC100 Generic
    Philips 4x4x16 Ext CDRW
    Cambridge Sound Works 3Piece

    The CPU, HSF & MOBO are only 3wks old. I don't have enough time with them yet to give form an opinion.

    KilrB's PC
    Abit NF7-S Rev2
    XP2100+ @ 200x11.5 2300Mhz
    512MB Corsair XMS Platnium PC3200 Ultra Low Latency CAS222
    Tyan Tachyon G9700 Pro w/Zalman ZM80a-HP Heatpipe
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz

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    Mar 2000
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    M/B: Asus P3C2000, i820
    CPU: PIII 500E @ 153MHz (765Mhz)
    RAM: Generic PC100 128Mb

    Would not recommend that Asus.. No more bios support, reboot and lockup issues because of the Intels MTH-issue. I would give it -9/10

    For the CPU i would give it 8/10 and for the RAM i would give 9/10 (so far no problems at all.)

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    Jan 2000
    Burington, Ontario, Canada

    M/B: Abit BP6
    CPU(s): 2X366@550 ( 5.5X100FSB )
    RAM: Generic PC-100 128MB

    This is my sys for now it will keep building on it in the future i wanna get dual PIII650s on there and OC the hell out of them!

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    Abit BP6, Dual 366@550, 128MB RAM, 13.6GB WD 7200RPM ATA/66, Voodoo3 3000AGP OCed to 183Mhz

    Inventor of the PMP, Phunk Master Phreezer.

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    Jan 1999
    CPU: Celeron II 533a @ 896MHz 1.85v
    Motherboard: Abit BH6 Rev 1.01 (the original!)
    Ram: 128MB Mushkin PC100 CAS2 with SIEMENS 8ns chips
    64MB Centon PC100 with 8ns Mosel Vitalic chips

    This setup has been extremely good to me. Abit swears you cannot run coppermine chips on this old revision (yeah, right), and both sticks of ram are "rated" at 125MHz 3-3-3, yet I run them at 112 2-2-2 without difficulty.

    Sandra scores:

    CPU benchmark

    Memory benchmark

    CPU: 9/10 (all I can ask for is better cache latency, minor detail considering how little I paid for it.)

    Memory: 10/10, I got good deals on both these sticks and they performed better than I expected. Mushkin is by far the best memory maker out there.

    Motherboard: What can I say, this baby is a year and a half old and still crunches numbers like nobody's bidness. Of course, it has been picky from time to time with ISA cards, but who the hell needs ISA anymore 9.9/10

    Of course, you might want to go for a newer motherboard, but Abit is THE BEST overclocking solution out there, atleast for BX motherboards.

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    Jun 2000
    M/B: Eagle Socket 370, Via Apollo Pro +
    CPU: Celeron 500A @ 563 MHz Stock HSF
    RAM: Siemens PC100 64 Mb

    Mobo: 7/10, very cheap (1/2 price of the CPU) the sad thing is i cant tweak it since everything is auto and only with 66, 75, 100 and 133 mhz fsb .. but that Apollo chips really kewl ... already run few benchmarking and she really please me

    CPU: 9/10 ... which i think with a good mobo and settings it will make 750.

    RAM: 9/10 ... cheap and it works and thats all I need!


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    Oct 1999
    Hamar, Norway
    Motherboard : ABIT BF6
    CPU : Celeron 300A Slot1
    Ram : Generic PC133

    The motherboard is great, excellent performance and loads of tweakable settings. Only downside is no 1/2 AGP divider, but then again I could never have that on BX.
    Rather good price too 9/10

    The cpu is old, but kickin' - 455MHz rock solid @ 2.1v with a Celrex HS + 92mm fan (with an Alpha P3125c it does 504 for days on end) 7.5/10

    The ram isn't very good - 2-2-2 @ 133 = no go 6/10

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    Jun 1999
    Algonquin Illinois
    Mobo: Abit BE6-2
    CPU: p3 650e
    Ram: Mushkin,Mosel Rev2 ( 2x128 sticks)
    Speed: Max=1012 Standard running= 948
    I Love it

    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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    Apr 1999
    Manila, Philippines
    Pentium III 600 @ 800
    Asus P3V4X
    256 MB RAM
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    Oct 1999
    Well, first I'm not an extreme overclocker like a lot of these guys. I will only deal with air cooling and the system must be stable - meaning zero lockups and reboots.

    The motherboard is completely stable with lots of O/C options - highly recommended. Everything else in the package also seems excellent, but I'v only had the PIII 700, Alpha, and Mosel SDRAM for two weeks (almost). I got a great deal on the Mosel SDRAM - only $117; now it's up to $147! The cB0 PIII 700 is great and the Alpha keeps it nice and cool, 22C right now with the case at 34C. The PEP66 is made for an FC-PGA CPU so it sits flush and square with the slug and has no problems fitting on the Iwill Slotket II. Since, due to my wife, the computer is sitting in a drawer in a credenza, heat is an issue, but the Alpha does a nice job. My old Katmai PII 550 used to go as high as 55C O/C'ed to 650 MHz - the PIII 700 only got to 35C under the same load.

    Mobo: Soyo SY-6BA+IV
    CPU: PIII 700 SL45Y (cB0) with Alpha PEP66 and Iwill Slotket II
    Ram: CAS2 128 MB PC133 Mosel (KD Computers)
    Speed: 933 MHz
    1.Old Antec Case, Asus PC-DL, 2 x 1.6 LV D1 Xeons @ 3 GHz, 2GB Corsair PC3200 @ 200 MHz, Chaintech 6800 128MB AGP

    2. Old Crap Beige Case, Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H, Core i3 530, 4GB CL8 OCZ DDR3-1600, eVGA GTX465

    3. Asus Pundit mATX Case, MSI AMD Zacate E350/dual core E350IS-E45 mini-ITX, 4GB CL9 Crucial Ballistix DDR3-1333, LG Blu Ray/HD DVD & DVD Burner

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    Jun 1999
    Atlanta, GA
    ABIT BF6 /SlotketIII 10/10

    Celeron2 566 @ 850 @1.55v (Golden Orb)11/10

    Generic PC133 RAM 10/10

    Never had any problems with ABIT MB's...
    "If it works it's not overclocked!"
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