Overclocking PIII 600E
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Thread: Overclocking PIII 600E

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    Overclocking PIII 600E

    Help needed !!!!!!!!!!
    I've just build my system and i'm facing an overclocking problem.The configuration is :
    TYAN TRINITY 400 S1854, Bios Version 1.06 and revision "E" (this is on the Mobo)
    Pentium III 600E 100Mhz(SL3NA)- Retail
    256 MB PC133 RAM
    Seagate Barracuda 28GB ATA66
    Creative Annihilator PRO

    I've tried to overclock the CPU but it doesn't seem to accept anything. Even if i try the 112Mhz FSB it shows me that the processor is 672MHz and the system is frozen. No counting RAM, no entering BIOS .... nothing .... It only boots normaly if i reset BIOS through a jumber on the board and then again it boots with the default settings at 600Mhz

    At 133Mhz it doesn't boot at all.

    counting on u guys !!!!!!

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    Is 112MHz the lowest FSB setting over 100MHz? Sometimes a new CPU takes time to burn-in/warmup before it can be over clocked. One experience with a PIII600E that would not go over 700MHz, left it over night to burn-in and then tried for 800MHz next day and made it!

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    Are you sure you have the "E" version the PIII600? There are several variataions of that speed (600MHz). Also, set your ram to CAS 3-3-3 to be on the safe side. If everything is stable with that setting, then you can try 2-2-2.

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    Are you using an FC-PGA Coppermine in the Socket on the motherboard? If so you will never get over 124 FSB! To successfully overclock the FC-PGAs you need to run a Slot 1 Adapter to manual set FSB. Once you set for 133 on the adapter card you can progressively bump up FSB through the BIOS. Hope this helps!

    The only real trick to the BIOS settings is where they hide the ability to overclock the darn thing. Make sure you've got your slocket set up to 133 FSB first. Then got into your BIOS setup. Under Chipset Features Setup change the Bank Timing for all banks to Normal. Under DRAM Clock = Host Clock. Fast R-W Turnaround = Enable. CPU IOQ size = 4 Level. You'll have to set the AGP Driving Control to whatever the BIOS recommends, look it up on Tyan's web site. Auto Detect DIMM/PCI Clk: Disable & last but not least CPU Clock/Spread Spectrum: 140MHz/on.

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    Nuts4GTS you dont need to change any settings on the slotket to overclock your cpu. The jumpers on the slotket should only be used if your mobo doesn't offer any overclocking. I run all mine at default and they work fine. Pashiamas does the cpu run right at 600mhz 6x100? It is not unusual for the bios to display a clock speed diff from the true speed. Did you increase the core voltage any while trying to OC?
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