hot to recognize CPUs with cB0 stepping.
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Thread: hot to recognize CPUs with cB0 stepping.

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    hot to recognize CPUs with cB0 stepping.

    i know it may sound stupid for some of you but how do u know if the processor you are getting is the one with the cB0 stepping. is that a part of the serial# or something i'd like to know that before i go and spend my money on a paper weight
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    The numbers that show if your CPU is cB0 comes from the Product Code. If you look at a Retail CPU box, the product codes can be seen from the outside of the box. Look for the large white sticker and the 1st alpha-numeric line below the barcodes. The last 5 digits is what you need to look for.

    In this example it's a SL44Y (cBo stepping chip). Why? Cos it's SL4XX. Any retail Coppermine PIII with the codes SL4XX (where XX can be anything) is cB0 stepping.

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