Right here we go...

current spec...

tmc mobo
k6-2 [email protected]
196 mb pc-100 (generic)
dual head g400 32mb (millenium)
Maxtor Diamond max plus hardrive 6.4gb with 2mb cache
diamond supraexpress pro
intel nic

right heres my problem...

My plans for next months wages go's as follows...

Sell the 196 mb and get 128mb of mushkin 133 high performance...rev 1.5
(133 so i can run as 100 for now and when i upgrade use as 133)

a new hub...(irelevant)
and a new case (also irelevant)

anyways...my manager wants a new pc with the same spec as mine...

so am gonna offload my cpu, mobo and ram and also my hardrive..this will giive me around 400 to play with...(keep my graphics card)

so i now need a mobo..cpu...and hardrive for 400 what do you guys advise?

i want speed!!!!

i run seti, quake3, lots of apps e.g. photoshop dreamweaver office 2000 + more

i leave it in your hands

NT4 newbie http://www.geocities.com/mojo_y2000/index.htm