#Rotor... great website, i'll could use your help...
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Thread: #Rotor... great website, i'll could use your help...

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    #Rotor... great website, i'll could use your help...

    Been lookin at your website, especially at the condensation and the slotket page..
    On the condensation page you use some kind of foam (shaving foam?? ), is that polyurethane foam or what is that?? I guess and hope it is because that's what i bought and will soon use. But is there any problem using it directly at the slotket??
    I like the idea you had on the slotket page, so i'm planning on combining these ideas of yours.
    I'll put the slotket inside a little black box, mount and insulate the complete kit with the foam and put a lid on it. But is that foam enough??

    From one thing to another... I've been considering to watercool my Ice71 because i don't think the FDP32 will take care of the heat. So, i've been looking at the Aquastealth kit... Anyone have any better suggestions for that kind of money ($100-$120)??

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    this is my kit..... it's way more expensive than the Aquastealth kit.... I'm sorry to say, but I cant get it any cheaper without compromising on quality and performance....
    and I have to admit, most of it is a bit overkill,
    like the 170gph pump,
    the rad is twice the size and running an extra 120mm fan,
    you get a peltier block.... no TEC's though, you will be better off ordering them yourself(saves a stack on shipping because I would have to order it from TEDIST anyhow).
    the block can handle 4 40x40mm TEC's in tandem.
    and I do give a black-box with, although I have to say modding it for someone, while I don't have the exact same CPU as what they have is a bit tricky, I had to ship a pair off copper shims to a customer after it became apparent that his CPU does not even clear the plastic on the Asus s370-133 slocket... I would recommend using the slocket CPU's though, much easier to work with, and if something screws up, you only loose the slocket, and not the whole CPU.....

    <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

    oh by the way, that foam stuff works well it's just way to messy, and don't let it come in direct contact with something you would rather want clean, it sticks like **** to a shoe
    i'm using this grey closed cell foam sheets.... much easier to work with, and you can get to your cpu any time you want...
    Go ahead...... lick my BLOCK
    My page is here now.(Sorry for the popup banner there)

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