I have an MS-6167 mainboard (Slot A, y'know). Anyway, I am sure you have all seen me shouting about my problems with a Sound Blaster live! Player 1024 - it should work, but it doesn't and I have done everything.

OK, so I get games that just quit part way though for no reason and giving errors if they feel like it - this all happens after I put the SB Live! Player 1024 in the machine.

My friend says that some of the MS-6167s were called back as they were faulty. is this true? Could my motherboard be faulty?

Before you say, 'email Microstar tech support,' I already have and they don't reply. there is also no tech support phone number for the UK on the web site. What should I do if it is faulty?

I am really pissed off about this as my 14 money back guarantee has already ran out and I am no closer to solving this problem.

Any help is great,


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