monitor LED flashes and refuses to boot
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Thread: monitor LED flashes and refuses to boot

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    monitor LED flashes and refuses to boot

    i got a problem with my PC.
    i turn on the stabilizer,
    i pressed the power button,
    my HDD spins up,
    nothing happened.

    my monitor's LED flashes.
    just what MIGHT BE the cause?


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    Did you change any settings/jumpers?

    Add any new/different hardware??

    First clear CMOS, and try to boot.

    Then try reseating video card/cpu/ram, then try to boot.

    If these thing s don't help, Post your system specs and we'll all try to help from there...

    If you lived here, you'd be home by now...

    If you lived here, you'd be home by now...

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    Is it a new comp u just built? If it is, your mobo might be grounding out thru the chassis. Mine did the same thing until I changed the screws to plastic ones.

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    Feb 1999
    Surabaya,Jawa Timur, Indonesia
    PC Spec:
    PC age: nearly 1 year

    Cel 400 @ 450 (used to be 500, but i thought the cause was o/c-ing)
    128 MB SDRAM 8 ns
    Savage4! value
    20 GB IBM (IS IBM HDD good? against Quantum, WD, Seagate)

    there ya go, i didn't change any hardware,
    one minute ago is goes OK, but suddenly system crashes, and then... monitor LED flashes...

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    Sterling_Aug Guest
    1.) Does the power supply fan run?
    2.) Does the processor fan run?

    If they do not run, then I would bet the processor died a painless quick death. Black screen with no video is almost always processor related.

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    If the hard drive spins up, then obviously the Power Supply is working.

    Suggestions: Try pulling the processor out and reseating it. My friend shipped his PC and when we got it, same symptim as you, powered on but no POST screen. Turned out his processor was loose. Those retention mechanisms dont always work.

    Second suggestion: if that doesnt work, find your motherboard manual, and fins out where the "Clear CMOS" jumper is. Take a jumper and close that connection for a few seconds, then remove the jumper and try booting.

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