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    OT: Help Here!

    Here go to this link and help here, I would like to know very soon, I leave on vacation tomorrow, and I would like to know before I get back because I'm going to order it right when I get back.

    Thanks Ruffian

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    I'm not real knowlegable on either boards, but I'd say go with the ASUS. I've heard good things about it...

    Good Luck
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    I went with the Asus, superior build quality, support and OC'ing capabilities. UDMA66,AGP4x.

    Make sure you get the New VIA 4in1 and 1004 BIOS and READ WHAT IS SAIS ABOUT FLASHING THE BIOS (switch OFF ByteMerge and USB legact support)


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    Siamese Guest
    Get teh Asus P3V4X now!!!

    Get a Abit and u will regret it!!!

    Asus has many more FSB selections and is faster than the ABit board!! Trust me get it. It has some little annoyances but nothing that is hard to work around, just make sure u have the latest drivers and all will be fine.

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