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Thread: The execution and funeral of a PII 233 [about 800Kb]:

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    Well, I'm just planning to use up as many resources as I can in my life then die! I'm not having any kids so I'll let other people figure out what to do next.

    I think I can power a 3rd world country with all the power I use in my computer room. But it is all mine I tell you, all mine!!

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    well as for sending it to a 3rd world country, I'm pretty sure it was more a "cremation after an autopsy" rather than an "execution" right? at least i hope it was, me 333 was 575mhz certified,so just killing it for no reason would be murder.... hehehe

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    HA!!! third world country, the way i see it, when there is a third world country, all it is, is that part of the world is saying its over populated and cant handle all the people living there, sorry to say but canada is having a hard time supporting every other country which cant support themselves. what are we supposed to do use our tax money to forever keep all other countries afloat? i think thats where usa shines and canada has a problem.
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    ... why not just post it off to some 3rd world country?
    Because, as Rotor said, it was more a "cremation after an autopsy" rather than an "execution".

    Feel better now??


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    Damn would have made a very nice master node for my Beowulf. Git. I asume it was a dead chip? Did you kill it for sport?

    BTW Get all 16 'puters home next week for

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