Removing Thermal Grease???
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Thread: Removing Thermal Grease???

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    Removing Thermal Grease???

    I just received my copper spacer from 3dcool and am getting ready to install it on top of my 650 FC-PGA. I recently installed a Alpha PEP66 and used a thin layer of silicon thermal compound during the installation. Now for my question, I want to remove the old thermal grease and reapply from scratch after installing the spacer. What is the best way to remove the grease from the blue CPU core without damaging the CPU. Can I use a clean rag dabbed in alcohol, or is that stupid. Thanks in advance for any help.

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    no...that would work well...especially because the alcohol evaporates so quickly it wont damage or short anything

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    You should first wipe off as much as you can with paper towels. That does the trick for me!

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    Good guess... ALCOHOL is best.
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