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Thread: Duckman/peltiers

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    What watt pelt are you using? I am using a 72 waat now with second PSU 12v 10amp=120 watt? Is this correct. I am going to install a 136 watt pelt hopefully to freeze this K6-2 550 to get above 578/105@2.6v. It wont go any higher then that and be stable. I had my 500@ 550/120 and stable but this wont go to 600/120 or anything close. 605/110 will run for a short time but crashes. The 550 is a 2.3v bumped to 2.6 to run @ the 578/105. The MB is a Gigabyte GA-5AX (REV. 5x). Award Bios. Any suggested changes. I have my air conditioner ducted to an open case inside a desk enclosure with a 131cfm fan blowing the ice cold air right at the 60mm Alpha cooler. I guess I will need a new PSU to get 136 watts out of the pelt? Please Help.
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    I would NOT use a 130W TEC on a heatsink. It can't possibly dissipate the heat produced by the CPU and TEC. Only thing I would do is to build a watercooler.

    Now for the TEC's: I use two 90W TEC's. I run them in paralell off a 250 psu at 30V(15V each). The two TEC's draw 6A each. 15X6=90W. I should probably decrease the voltage some to increase the efficiency of the TEC's and by doing that also reduce the heat produced by them.

    The clue with TEC's is not to have max voltage into them. If you give 'em voltage above a certain point you only reduce the efficiency....and produce heat only......

    The temps I get with watercooled 180W TEC's is 2-7C under full load.....Don't expect less than 15C under full load if you even can make it work with a HSF. My oppinion is that with more than 80 TEC, watercooling is the only way to go.

    Heres a good article on peltiers:

    Hope that helped you some.


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    Originally posted by Duckman:
    The clue with TEC's is not to have max voltage into them. If you give 'em voltage above a certain point you only reduce the efficiency....and produce heat only......
    I've read that 75% of the max pelt voltage is good enough. ex: 75% av 16V = 12V

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    illustrated version:

    not a linear relationship. Running @ 75% to 80% of Vmax is a good idea, unless you have a really really really kick arse way of removing the heat from the hot side.

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    Quadratic would be the term. So, what is a good voltage to feed them and how do you change the voltage on a PSU? Is watercooling a kick-arse way of removing heat from the hot side?

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