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Thread: Underclocking

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    I have a friend. So happens that he is thinking of buying a 133Mhz FSB Pentium III. However, he wants his system to be as silent as possible. Has anyone tried Underclocking a CPU so that it no longer needs a CPU fan? Also, is there a way of disabling the power supply fan without causing damage.

    The goal here is absolute silence.

    Thanks in advance for any ideas,

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    I doubt it's worth the effort to make it silent.

    The cooling fan on a p3 is very quiet. It's all those case fans that create the noise.

    The powersupply has a built-in fan, too.

    Try it out using just the PS fan and the stock CPU cooler. See if that is quiet enough for you. I bet you can still hear the hard drive. (good luck making that quieter)
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    TN's right. In a system with stock cooling (PSU fan + retail HSF) the HDD & CD-Rom(s) makes more noise then anything else. Noise from these the HDD can be reduced to a minimum by mounting it in a plastic 5.25" to 3.5" drive bay adapter. When the drive is not screwed to a metal drive bay it doesn't pass on the vibrations from drive spin up and seek to the entire case ,which acts as a amplifier. Get a low speed CD-Rom if possible. Those under 12X are rather silent and the Kenwood/Zen Technologies True X CD-Roms are rather slient too. Use a box about 8" by 8" open on 2 contigous sides and line that with sound absorbing material one the inside like carpet padding or sponge/foam and tape it over the exit fan of the PSU so the air and noise exiting 'hits' the noise dampening material and is diverted downwards where it escapes silently. And lastly, apply sound deadening materials (Dynamat/Roadkill) on all large panels on the inside of the case. This will render your case almost completely silent while running.

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