Well, I kinda missed my 3000th post, I had a thought about RAND's PII 400. Coincidently, I also missed my 2000th post too. Anyhow, I have been doing some introspection and I have a few thoughts:

My first thousand post:
I spend that mainly learning from others, asking lots of dumb question and giving out bad advise. People were overclocking celly 366's and PIII 450's. TN's home made cooler was state of the art and his CPU was grease lightning (not that it isn't today, TN )This was a happy place.

My second thousand post:
I spend that mainly answering question and helping out others. I spend part of that time as the moderator of this forum along with my former partn'r Duckman. This was a happy place.

My thrid thousand post:
I find myself unwillingly caught up in the politics of HWC. I find my political activities were corrupting the spirit of sharing and exchanging overclocking knowledge with my brothers and sisters here. I see too many people complaining/stepping on each others nerves. I see long time members been wear down by the infighting and back stabbing and just plain getting tired of the lies and deception. I see some old timers taking up their own cause and some getting eaten up and destroyed by it. This was a tiring place, however periodically broken up by slivers of innocent carefree peace.

For my fouth thousand post:
I want to go back home, back to the grass roots. I want to shed my political faculty. I want to go back to simply overclocking. I hope I can get back to the way I was in my second thousand post. I wish there will be a spirit of peace, respect and goodwill here on HWC.

Now, lets get back to some humour and hard core overclocking!