Cases and cooling question for Athlon
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Thread: Cases and cooling question for Athlon

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    Cases and cooling question for Athlon

    I'm thinking of moving up to an athlon, and I'd like to start with a new case/power supply. The only ones I've encountered are the cheezey ones at the local computer store. Are there better ones out there? Maybe with 300 W power supplies, hand nuts instead of screws to take the case off etc. Also, is the CPU fan that comes with the Athlon adequate to cool it. I'm not an overclocker. Thanks

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    If you buy an Athlon with a heat sink & fan combo you should be alright in the temperature department. There are untold numbers of case vendors/manufacturers. Here are a couple:

    I'm sure you will get more suggestions.

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    I got the Inwin Ks282 with 300w smart PS. Pretty good deal for $60. It doesn't have the thumb screws but I can juse buy a set of thumb screws at Fry's for $1-$2. At least the drive cage inside doesn't need a screw. It just use a locking mechanism.

    Also the Athlon stock fan is sufficient for none overclockers.
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    Typically if you are not planning to overclock, the retail heatsink and fan will suffice. However, Athlons do run hot (relatively) and it would be wise to a pair of fans for your case, one in the lower front for intake and one on the upper rear for exhaust if possible. If you want a decent sized mid-tower ATX case, consider the Enlight, Elan Vital, In-Win and SuperPower cases, they all have or offer 300W PSUs as an option. If you prefer a larger case, the AOpen and Antec cases are prime choices. I'm running a Superpower Zephyr (4 5.25" + 2 3.5" bays exposed) w/ 300W PSU and I'm very happy with it, it has increased depth (19.5" vs 16.5" typical) which helps with cooling and fan placement possibilities.

    If you want thumb screws and they don't come with the case you buy, go to a local hardware store and match up the screw sizes and get a couple thumb screws.

    Ask if you want links to retailers

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    I love my local comp store (not CompUSA), because they have every case imaginable. They have a bunch of Antec and Enlight cases in all sizes at good prices.
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