Celeron 366@550 finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thread: Celeron [email protected] finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Celeron [email protected] finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i know this maybe old new to alot of you, but I finally got my celeron 366a running at 550. I currently have a stock fan and heatsink, will this be enough to cool it.

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    It really depends on the room temps and the temp of the CPU, ground yourself by touching the metal case of the PSU and then touch the CPU and the heat sink, do they feel warm or hot to the touch? If they only feel warm you might get away with the retail HSF otherwise get a higher performance aftermarket HSF

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    well, an 366 is not worth to much any longer, is it stable at 550, then be happy, don┤t throw away 30$ to get it cooler and maybe a couple of mhz....

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