Anyone use SoftFSB?
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Thread: Anyone use SoftFSB?

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    Anyone use SoftFSB?

    Does anyone have any experiences with SoftFSB?

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    I dont, i go by the rule:
    If the cpu cant boot at a certain speed, it isnt stable at the speed, therefore i only use the speeds that the pc boot on.

    Now i cant use it either, it doestn support the KA7 as i know ....

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    I've found a chipset selection that works and it gives me more FSB options (117, 118.5, 126, 134) so I use it.
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    I use it (well...used - haven't got it to work with my BF6 yet), although I agree with what Storfe is saying. If the PC can't even load windows at a given speed, then there is NO way it's going to be stable for normal use. However it CAN be a useful tool to play around with, to see what the chip can do at the maximum.

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