Okay.. I have two 600E's CBO SL44Y on a dual Tyan Tiger 100 motherboard.

I was really bummed at first because this motherboard has no voltage tweeks.. like most dual boards.. and I wasnt able to overclock.

I finally figured out that when overclocked
my network card acts really, really screwey... the data and activity lights on my cable modem go nuts even when no activity is going on.

I removed my network card and I can overclock perfectly to 133 FSB... now this is the weird part.. I KNOW I have a 1/4 PCI divider at 133 FSB...

Here is a message I got from a program called PCIList

PCI bus hogging
The graphics card may be hogging the bus, which could cause problems for other devices like PCI sound cards.

This is all pretty weird for me.. is my network card at fault??

If so what network card is good for overclocking?

I also am getting some bad scores with Sandra

Any explination for this? My mobo has a BX chipset overclocked to 133 so my scores should be great?

I also have an Antec 300W Athlon approved PS
and no fans hooked up yet.. exept for the two stock Intel fans. Should I go for a 400w PS??

Any advice is appreciated