OT> another delay in the voodoo 5
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Thread: OT> another delay in the voodoo 5

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    OT> another delay in the voodoo 5

    man oh man does 3dfx got problems...someone else is gonna have a 10 gigapixel card out before they get their cards out. never the less, i am still waiting for it. actually i want the 6000 but will buy a 5500 in the mean time.

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    You should get the GeForce 2. It performs better than the Voodoo 5 5000, it is half the size and is much more efficient 'cos it only has one core, unlike the V5 5000 and the four of 'em. Can you imagine how much power that would suck up? It would cost the price of the GeForce 2 just to have cooling for it!


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