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Thread: Why are my Celerons still kicking your butts?

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    we won't go into how TN dreams!

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    I better get myself tired then i am so tired and I won't get into TN's horrible dream..!!


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    The Dual CPU's help even when running
    only single threaded apps.

    here is a quote from this page

    I have heard people refer to a second CPU as a "stand-by" that kicks in when the first CPU is loaded. This is simply not true. There is no difference in the CPUs roles, in fact the CPUs ID of 0 or 1 switches many times per second. Each CPU in a SMP system will share the workload fairly equally, there is always exceptions of course, but generally, this is the case. Now I have heard people say that you need an “SMP capable app” to get a performance increase. This also is not true.
    I had a choice between getting one 600E CBO SL44Y and overclocking it as far as I can..... or get two and a dual board and be limited to a 133 FSB.. I took the dual setup.

    At least I HOPE I made the right chioce.

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    Rich...then when veiwing FPS...in alot of the Benchmark Demo's why are the Frame rates painfully low on DUal CPU systems???....shouldnt they then match....what Sandra is reporting??
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