Overclocking a Pentium III 750mhz, need advice
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Thread: Overclocking a Pentium III 750mhz, need advice

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    Overclocking a Pentium III 750mhz, need advice

    Hey guys, looking for some advice

    I am running a Pentium III 750mhz on an Asus P3C-2000 Motherboard, i820 chipset, 320mb of 100mhz Micron ram, and a VooDoo3 3000 not over clocked.

    Anyway I have gotten this far..
    I have a Vantech 2 fan cooler with heatsink on the cpu, with Silicon thermal compound lightly spread between the heatsink and cpu.

    I have gotten the system to run 100% stable at 855mhz, which is Multiplier of 7.5, FSB speed of 114mhz, with the ram also running at 114mhz.

    Well, the CPU is currently sitting at 26c/78f on the temp, and motherboard is 29c/84f on the temp, with a fan speed of 5273rpm, If I wasn't online right now, the CPU would drop down to room temp.. around 72f.

    Either way, I can't get it to go any higher, the 116mhz FSB gives windows errors, cause I think the memory is not keeping up with it and mabey the PCI bus running so fast.

    I can however get the Internal MHZ at 133mhz, and keep the Memory clock at 100mhz with this board, but 133mhz+7.5+100mhz memory=no post. Oh, BTW, the cpu is running at 1.65v, which is normal for the 750, I have tried a few other higher voltages, I will try the rest in the morning, do I attempt 1.95? Safe? Any ideas would be great!.


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    1.95 = fry!
    1.8 = max.
    1.75 = good.
    1.7 = better.

    Anyways, I think this is the upper limit of the CPU's without active cooling. When my TECs get here, I will try for higher speeds with my 750 and post results.
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