CPU Temperature on P3V4X
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Thread: CPU Temperature on P3V4X

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    CPU Temperature on P3V4X

    Is it true that the temperature readings from the BIOS on this mobo are higher than usual because of the type/placement of the sensor, or is my CPU running hot (45 immediately after boot)

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    Sorry, it's a Slot 1 PIII 750E with the intel heatsink I haven't had the courage to pop-off yet !

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    The P3V4X reads the temp of an on-die thermistor. But I have high temps as well. With a celkeron [email protected], 2.1V and it spikes above 60 under load. I got a Golden Orb, and some bog standard grease> It goes up and down instanly, and the HSF doesn't even get hot.

    I don;t know whether it's the software or what.

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    I got a Soyo SY 6VCA coupled with a Pentium III 450 @ 600, and I never get readings higher than 30 degrees C. Not even after hours of crunching SETI. Idle temps are 21 deg.
    I guess since both my mobo and the P3V4X are Apollo Pro 133A based mobo's, the method of retreiving temps is the same ?
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    I had my PII450 @ 600 on a BE6 and never went above 35C. Now it's in my P3V4X & it's reporting 50C when running SETI.

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