hi there,

I have a 16Meg SGRAM creative banshee 2X AGP video card (kind of old, but I can only afford one upgrade at a time.) The AGP bus is at 89MHz. It all seems to be running fine. However, I am a little scared of running the banshee @ 89MHz. I put a little 486 fan blowing on the heat sink. I have been playing a little TRIBES, and there doesnt seem to be a problem now, but am I going to burn my card out before my budget allows me to get a new video card?

My system:
slot 1 p3 600E @ 800MHz (retail fan, default voltage)
~380Meg Micron PC100 SDRAM
Asus P2B-F motherboard
SBLive Value
creative banshee
10/100 ethernet

Thanks for any responses.