Rear Fan (under Powersupply)
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Thread: Rear Fan (under Powersupply)

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    Rear Fan (under Powersupply)

    My processor is running a little hot and i was thinking of turing the rear fan around so it would be blowing outside air into the case onto the cpu fan (Flip Chip). Basically my thinksing is the the fan will blow outside air over the cpu fan that will pull that air onto the heatsink. My only thought is that the hot air coming off of the heatsink might get cirulated back threw the cpu fan and not pulled out of the case.

    Any thoughts
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    It's generally well accepted that any fans in the upper rear section of the case should be exhausting air out of the case and not out. The intakes of the case should come from the lower front end of the case so as to create a flow of air in through the front and out of the rear where it carries its heat out.

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