How long running seti will be enough to fully 'burn in' my celly2?
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Thread: How long running seti will be enough to fully 'burn in' my celly2?

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    How long running seti will be enough to fully 'burn in' my celly2?

    Just wondering if the higher clock speeds will be possible after this so called burn in many people talk about. How long would i have to run seti at max priority for to get it totally 'burned in' and how much of a difference does this REALLY make.

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    Yes it makes significant progress, burning in.

    A reasonable time is about 24 hours to bed in the highest clock speed you can achieve.

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    Do you have to do it for 24 hours straight? my comp crashes or soemthing before 24 hours is up so I cant do it!

    Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?
    Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

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    take the speed down to whatever the highest it can do 24 hours on. Then burn it in and try again for a higher stable clock speed.


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