PIII 650E additional cooling.
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Thread: PIII 650E additional cooling.

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    PIII 650E additional cooling.

    I bought a PIII 650E the other day and oc it right away to 806Mhz. The cpu temp runs at about 39 C, people have said that this is ok (not good, not bad) but i want to further cool it. Now the cpu i bought i a flip chip ( i guess intel stopped makin cartridges?) I went to go buy a dual fan/heatsink cooling system and they were all for the slot 1 cpus. I cant find anything anywhere. I was thinkin that a celeron fan would work but this guy at my comp store said no its a smaller chip so it wont... Anyone know where i can get a good fan to do this?

    Thx in advance!

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    Because of the smaller footprint of the FCPGA CPU, there are no dual fans that I have seen. However there are a number of good FC cooling solutions out there. Try products by Alpha, GlobalWin or RDJD.

    You can checkout some of those coolers from stores like ->

    Always comparison shop as the same product is priced differently at many stores.

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