I'm posting this to let everyone on this forum and others about a new email virus that makes Melissa look like a small sniffle.

My mother works for DRMS, DOD which is the Department of Requisitions and Management Services, a branch of the Deparment of Defense, United States Government. She was informed, as was everyone in her building at the Federal Center in Battle Creek, Michingan that they were shutting down there email servers because of a new virus that is hitting all over. I don't know if anyone has seen it, but if so, it's probably too late. She contacted me at 9:30 a.m. this morning (its 9:38 as I write this). The email has the subject line 'I Love You'. It has no name yet, everyone at her work is calling it the I Love You Virus. It basically works like Melissa in that it emails other people on your computer (your email list) but instead of only 25, it emails your whole list! She said some people were getting 45 or more copies of this email sent to thier email boxes! She said they were told that the virus effects your hard drive, corrupting it, so you lose all your data. Period. You lose everything. Sounds like a boot virus, but they also told her and eveyone else that McAfee is looking at it and they are having serious problems with it. In other words, its a tough son-of-a-*****.

Please, do not open any email or attachments with the Subject line "I Love You". Delete it. And tell everyone you know about it.

This is not a joke. Please take it seriously. I don't think its been announced yet to the public, so this is an early heads up for everyone here at HWC. I will let everyone know more as I find out.

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