HP 6350 --- OVERCLOCKIN' the badboy
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Thread: HP 6350 --- OVERCLOCKIN' the badboy

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    HP 6350 --- OVERCLOCKIN' the badboy

    I have an hp 6350 with a 333mhz amdk62. I wanted to overclock it but when I changed the jumper settings, the video won't load. The bus speed was at 66mhz and I first tried 75 and no video or windows. Next I tried 83mhz and set the pci bus to 32mhz and multiplier of 4.5 and still no video and windows. This is my set-up:
    128 megs ram (2 64 meg sticks of pc 100)
    Voodoo3 2000 pci
    Yamaha 128 voice sound card
    nic card
    stock hd and cdrom drive
    hp 7500 series cdrw...
    Something strange: The chip is a 333 and the bus was running at 66mhz and the multiplier was at 5, but the highest listed multiplier on the "mobo" is only 4.5...
    Has anybody overclocked this computer or have any suggestions as to how to do so? Thanks!
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    weird...don't have much of a clue but i'll throw you back to the top cause i don't think anyone bothered with you on this one. maybe you should try pulling out the sound card, nic card, to see if it'll boot then...someone help here i don't got a clue...anyone got an hp system?

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    I have a HP 4410 that has been clocked up to 500mhz (350 std amd k6-2) its on a asus p5s-vm mobo (bastardised by hp though) sis530 vid clocked up no worrys....100bus 5x multi so I dunno runs sweet could be the bus could be the chip? try yanking the voodoo and reinabling the onboard vid or yank 1 of the mem sticks and try then could be dodgy memory

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