O.K.....who's lying!!!!!!
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Thread: O.K.....who's lying!!!!!!

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    O.K.....who's lying!!!!!!

    I went today to radio shack to buy all the components necessary for a thermal probe. I built it and put it in. Imediately after turning my computer on I went to my bios to check my temperature. I was surprised that it actually worked. Of course I didn't want to go to my bios everytime I wanted to check my cpu temp so I downloaded motherboard monitor 4.17. I wanted to compare them both so I disabled cpuidle waited a bit and checked the temp. Motherboard montior said 24C. Then I quit and went to my bios....it said 34C. Umm....why is there a 10C difference. Which one is lying, the bios or the software? Here are the results again...

    cpu: PII 300@337 SL2HA at idle
    MBM4: 24C
    Bios: 34C

    ??? why the diff?

    Also, is this a good temp for an idle system?

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    Heres what I'm thinking. MBM is right, because you can configure it. The BIOS has no idea what kind of probe you got, so it spits a number at you. 24c idle sounds right. I have 35 with SETI.

    Just a guess though.


    Updated April 23, 2000
    It said "requires Windows 95 or better," so I installed Linux.

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    Could it be that MBM is giving your MOBO temp and the BIOS is measuring your cpu temp?

    In SiSoft Sandra 2000 my cpu temp is 7-8 deg C above the board temp. Also, my MBM temp agrees with the Sandra MOBO temp and not the cpu temp plus the cpu temp in my BIOS agrees with Sandra cpu temp.

    Someone else want to jump in...

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    I would belive the bios(since your thermister backs it up).So all you have to do is open MBM,Help,click on Compensation,and sync. shown temps.

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    How many volts do you have your cpu set at?
    If it's at 2.2+ without proper cooling than your BIOS seems more realistic considering that it's an overclocked PII which run quite hot.

    SL2HA eh?? If I'm not mistakened, those have unlocked multipliers.....

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    24c is room temperature. Unless you are water cooling or using a peltier (or have the power off) this is definitely NOT your cpu temperature. Even 34C seems a bit low unless you have really good cpu and case cooling (or run without cover on). I've seen probe calibration procedures in electronics magazines where you use ice water and boiling water to calibrate a homemade digital thermometer.

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    hey, I was wonderind if this was possible
    well my idle temp is about 22-24C and when I play unreal tournament, it stays the same?? is this possible??
    I use mobo monitor and via health monitor
    both say the same
    Tbird 1400 @ 1518
    Abit KT7-A
    Leadtek GF2 Pro 230/460
    512 Meg PC-133 Cas 3 @137
    Seagate Barratcuda IV ATA 100 40Gb
    16X Pioneer Slot DVD
    8X4 Panasonic CD-R

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