Is 1.8V too much for 600E???
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Thread: Is 1.8V too much for 600E???

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    Is 1.8V too much for 600E???

    when I set the voltage to default it goes to 1.69V and I have mine at 720 (crappy pc-100 Ram holding me back)I had to up the voltage but the Aopen slocket doesn't let you go up by .05 so I upped it to 1.79, is this too high????
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    Thats kinda the upper limit, but it should be OK....

    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!
    Help me get this Boot outta my azz!!!!

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    I have been running mine at 1.85v. I think if you stay below .2v bump you should be ok.

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