How to make a Linux partition?
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Thread: How to make a Linux partition?

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    How to make a Linux partition?

    Well, this magazine just sent me a copy of Linux, so my lazy a** wouldn't have to move to get the thing, now I'm curious, how easy is it to set up a Linux partition on my HD? I have heard stories of how wonderful it is and wanna try it out myself. How though?

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    I bought Mandrake 6 way back when and it came with a free version of Partition Magic for Linux. Other than that, I don't know how to make a Linux partition short of formatting and letting the program do it. I know you can install on FAT32, but it took me 35 min to boot that


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    It said "requires Windows 95 or better," so I installed Linux.

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    wel pending what version of linux you got.. there is diskdrake. with that you can resize your Vfat{fat32} partition then make a new partition for linux and then a swap partition. if your fat 32 is larger than 8 GB or past the 1024 cylinder then you need to MOVE your fat32 partition down about 12 megs for a linux boot partition. it'll be hidden under windows. you can also go DL mandrke 7. then burn it to CD this is what i did.
    good luck
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