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Thread: T-10

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    I just got a home for my BP6. Elan-Vital T-10 from egghead.com for less than $90... Gonna put a different PS in it though.


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    Tried to save myself but my self keeps slipping away...

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    I got my mid-tower (it's nearly a full tower it's so large) AT/ATX case off the local newsgroup for $15, including an AT power supply. I bought an ATX power supply for $15, and dropped my BP6 in with a few slight modifications to the power switch. It's amazing what you can get off the local newsgroups.

    Case + 2 P/s = $30

    I don't think I'll ever need to buy a case new again. They're too expensive new.

    Oh well, glad you're happy with what you have, though.

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    hey rg, im planning to buy a t10 too...just one question though, does the case comes with an auxilliary fan or you need to buy it seperately?

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    I'm pretty sure it does not come with extra fan. It has room for one extra in front and one in back. If you get it from egghead, it has 235 watt supply. If you get it from Axiontech.com it comes with 250 watt supply, but you have to pay a couple of bucks for shipping. You can buy a 300 supply from egghead for something like $34 though.

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    It does come with a single 80mm fan in the front with it's mounting bracket. You can easily buy and attach a second fan in the rear for exhaust.
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