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    Help the doctor

    Hey guys.. Trying once again to get some thoughts on these options.
    1. The Trinity 400 with a celeron 500 would only cost $160. Later, I could get a cuMine. Since the board has slot 1 and PPGA I don't even need a slocket for now.

    2. BX board with a celeron II or CuMine + slocket. About 2-3x the cost of option 1.

    Considering these prices whats the best option???
    1.Tyan Trinity 400 $73.95-80.00
    2.Asus PB3-F $100.95
    3.Abit $122.00
    4.Soyo-6ba+IV $122.00
    5.New asus VIA board $100.00

    5. Cel 500 $80
    6. Cel 566 $160

    I'm not a gamer, but I will do some video editing. Will VIA be the BX killer very soon???

    Later, l

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    I would go with ASUS or ABIT if you plan on doing video editing. Video is pretty intensive so you dont want to skimp if you can help it... thats about all the help I can offer.

    Good Luck
    Long Live The BP6!

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    Loosie, why not consider the Soyo 6BA+III? It is very similar to the Soyo 6BA+IV, but has no ATA 66 controller instead. But you gain some IRQ that was taken by the High point ATA 66 chipsets and the 6BA+III only cost $88.

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    The 6ba+III is a very nice board. I would prefer to have the IV but the $30 difference was just too much at the time.

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