Im building a new computer, need advice
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Thread: Im building a new computer, need advice

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    Im building a new computer, need advice

    Here are my soon to be system's stats:

    800 or 750 mhz Athlon
    Addtronics 6890a Case w/ 300w SPI PS
    Abit KA7
    20g 7200rpm IBM HD
    SBLive X-Gamer
    19" Viewsonic Monitor
    128 (P133) Micron or Corsair memory
    Intellimouse Explorer
    DVD Drive
    52x Kenwood CD-Rom

    Anyone have any comments or Suggestions for my new system? Also, can anyone suggest what type of NV15 Geforce i should get, as in company.

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    Yeah, get an MPEG-2 decoder if you are interested in actually watching movies on your PC.
    Also, the best Geforces are Cretive Labs supposedly, they are called Annhilator and the Annihilator Pro for DDR.

    Please don't provoke the poor people..........
    Their website said "Requires Linux Distrubution based on kernel 2.4.2 or better," so I went and installed FreeBSD.

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