PIII550@682 hard drive does not like
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Thread: [email protected] hard drive does not like

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    [email protected] hard drive does not like

    I have a soyo SY-6BA=IV and a slot 1 PIII550 when i run the FSB over 100 the performance of the hard drive is half of what it normally is.Everything else is fine,do maxtor dma33 drives not like overclocking and will upgrading to a ATA66 drive sort this out.
    Here are me sys specs:

    PIII550 (not coppermine)
    SOYO mobo
    384 PCI100
    Matrox G400 32m
    Maxtor 17.2 UDMA33
    Win98/Win2000 (same prob in both)
    All the latest drivers as of today.


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    Ya Maxtor drives don't like being overclocked but you should be able to hit 124FSB with that drive. Did you switch your PCI divider (in the BIOS) to 1/4 instead of 1/3?

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