Which mobo is better...?
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Thread: Which mobo is better...?

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    Which mobo is better...?

    The P3C-2000 or P3V4X or BE6-II?
    For a FCpga 600E..


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    The P3C-2000 has the i820 chipset which will support RDRAM, but Asus converted it to SDRAM. Due to the process of conversion, the speed will be delayed a little. The P3V4X is a great board based on the Via Apollo Pro 133a. Both of these board have a 1/2 agp divdier, as well as the 1/4 PCI divider. The BE6 II has to most FSB selection and is based on the BX chipset, which does not provide a 1/2 AGP divider. The BX is ver mature, and its the best for those user that has a AGP card that can handle high AGP bus, as high as 100mhz (Gefore DRR).


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