HI, I just build new system but it wouldn't boot up. what would be the problem?
here is my setting.
CPU: 650E FCPGA + IWill Slocket II + Alpha PEP 66
Memeru: P133 128mb
CASE: SuperMicro 750
HD: 4 gb (new hd, I got it from my friend)
Video card: Voodoo 3 3000 AGP
SOund card: Diamond MX300

I finished put them all together, I was all happy and I turned the power on....CD ROM, HD, FANS, they seemed working fine but it didn't boot up. nothing was coming on my monitor.
So I took out Sound card and tried again. same, nothing happened on my screen. I was guessing, maybe Bios doesn't support 650E, I need to update? I settup Slocket II with 1.6V, 100 Mhz, FCPGA, Pentium.
I also changed the screws on the MOBO to smaller one, I was afraid of they touching any circuit.
it's first time for me to build whole system so probably there may be something I need to know? I'll appreciate if you give me any troubleshoot.
thank you