P3e+BXmobo+175Mhz FSB+44Mhz PCI = STABLE@ocshoot @
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Thread: P3e+BXmobo+175Mhz FSB+44Mhz PCI = STABLE@ocshoot @

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    P3e+BXmobo+175Mhz FSB+44Mhz PCI = STABLE@ocshoot @

    I didn't think it could be done until I saw it. I always thought 150Mhz was the max anyone could get, but these guys have proved me wrong.

    Its a good web site and I believe what they print.

    They list all the hardware they used to do it so its worth reading if your thinking of building a new system around a p3e.

    The only thing that wasn't 100% stable was the vid card (no 3dmark scores). But hey voodoo5's are just round the corner which might offer better stability at high agp speeds.

    Here's the link
    Athlon 1Ghz AXIA Stepping
    Abit KT7a Rev1
    256mb generic
    CL GTS 32ddr
    Vortex 2 (2048)
    GXP60 20Gbytes

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    It costs a lot of money to do what they did. The VapoChill alone costs over $700. I don't know how much that Ram cost but I am sure it is not cheap. What they did is nothing special. All it proves is that the vapochill is a good product and that there is good ram out there.



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