Got a system put together, loaded Win98, and loaded drivers needed.
Now, when I install any progs, during reboot, the system hangs on the Win98 splash screen! This then requires that I boot into safe mode. After booting into safe mode, I can restart and boot normally. This makes no sense to me!!!!
Help please!!!!!!..............

System Specs:

DFI K6BV3+/66 mobo
AMD K6/2-500 @ 2.2v - 34c deg.
128mb Kingston 8ns PC100
Diamond Stealth AGP card

Win98 First Edition

Could it possibly be the Win98 FE??? I have another system that is almost exactly the same that did not have this problem, but it is using Win98 SE! I formatted and reinstalled the OS, but it didn't help.
Should I go to Second Edition, or should I start looking for hardware problems? All the hardware seems to be functioning fine.
Any ideas?????