1.85V = Dangerous for Coppermine?
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Thread: 1.85V = Dangerous for Coppermine?

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    1.85V = Dangerous for Coppermine?

    I have a pretty good heatsink/fan combo with fans all in the case, my old P2 didn't go above 80F at 2.3V with this setup... Is this insane? I put it at this and tried to hit 115FSB with my P3 800 and it gave me a memory error (windows at boot), funny how my memory was stable at 133FSB with my P2 450. Anyways...
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    I had a 64mb PC100 dimm that was totally stable with my PII 350 @ 501 (143fsb) but I had to remove it from my system (same components, video, mobo, hdd), as It would not go over 122fsb with the PIII 700 Coppermine. Have you tried all slower memory settings just to see it the CPU will go higher??

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    Most likely your memory error has little to do with the memory... It's just the CPU doesn't like going that fast. I'm not sure wheather 1.85v is dangerous though. I'm not an intel guy. I know I've heard of Athlons going to 1.95v, but not sure about cumines.

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