K7 or P3 upgrade?
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Thread: K7 or P3 upgrade?

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    K7 or P3 upgrade?

    I am the current owner of a
    p2 233 with
    128 megs of pc 66 mem
    voodoo 3 3500 agp vid card
    20 gig HD
    4 gig hd
    hp 4X4X24 CDRW

    I am looking to upgrade my cpu/mobo. I am leaning twards a k7 700 with an sd-11 mobo and 128 megs of pc 133 for best MHZ per $$ but I cant overclock it . I need some suggestions for the upgrade and have a budget of about $500

    help wanted
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    May I suggest a:

    P3V4x MOBO: $110
    PIII600e@810MHZ: $250
    128 Megs PC133 RAM $100
    Total $460

    I`m presently running this setup and it`s great.

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