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Thread: CPU correct speed

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    CPU correct speed

    I have an asus P5S-VM motherboard running a amd 450mhz cpu. When I use a program called DMI browser to check the components in the computer, the dmi program reports Cpu max speed 500mhz and cpu current speed 450mhz. It also reports that my pc100 mwmory is runninf at 70ns instead of 10ns. When I try to set my cpu speed to 500mhz the computer goes bonkers. By the way, there is no bios upgrade for the p5s-vm mother board. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    How are you trying to set your processor to 500 Mhz?....Through the BIOS or jumpers/DIP switches on the MB? Sounds like you need to change some jumpers on the mother board.
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