I just got a new mainboard and i want to overclock my processor (celly 400 slot 370), but something is going wrong. My new mainboard has been working great other than the fact that i cannot get my system to work properly at the 100mhz fsb setting. My mainboard, soyo sy-6vba133, is ewuipped with a jumperless CMOS program for setting up core voltage, fsb, etc. the problem is that i want to overclock the processor to 540 (6.0 * 90), and to do that i need to change two jumpers on the mainboard to activate the 100 mhz fsb range. however after doing this and turning on the PC, everything seems to go fine except the monitor does not come on (i have a creative voodoo banshee PCI). the hard drive powers up and spins, as well as the cd-rom drives. so i have to go back and switch the jumpers back to the 66mhz fsb range. so i am thinking that my problem might be my slotket, a generic pcchips slotket. the only jumper on the thing is for the 66/100 mhz fsb, which i set accordingly. could my problem be that my cpu is not receivin the voltage i have alotted it via my mainboard? i set the voltage up 10% and still nothing.