p2 350 overclocked... harddisk error??? (SORRY!!!)
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Thread: p2 350 overclocked... harddisk error??? (SORRY!!!)

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    p2 350 overclocked... harddisk error??? (SORRY!!!)

    first i overclocked my p2 350 to 392mhz (112mhz fsb). then i tried 133mhz fsb (pci:44mhz!!!) it booted, but then at the next system start there was a registry error! is the harddisk overclocked, too? or have i to set the cpu voltage higher??? HELP please!!!
    sorry for my bad english!!!
    sorry again...

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    The harddrive is definately way overclocked. Is there any way to set the PCI multiplier to 1/4 i.e 33Mhz at 133Mhz

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    Being a poor white man, I take offense to that name, too! j/k
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    If getting stable at this speed is important to you, you might also want to try:

    > disabling L2 cache

    > upping the voltage a bit

    > removing all but your "best" DIMM

    And don't forget to cool...

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    Free advice, and worth every penny.

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    Look, seeing that your not from around here (U.S.) a better screen name for you would be Cracker!

    But poor_white_man is not as bad as the other one.

    Road Warrior has hit on the main points, but for 133mhz, you need to make sure your ram can handle it. If you have pc 100 or lower, it proably can't. Also, many pci cards don't like a pci bus of 44, since the default is only 33, which means you have overclocked them about 33%!

    Check the voltage, but higher voltage usually only means more heat. Keep your cpu cooler.

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