i have a V.90 56k modem.. i just did a fresh install of win 98se and NT4 dual boot.

my modem is a softmodem
my problem is when i try to visit a website or hit a link the modem takes along time to get a response from the site. sometimes it will time out. it never did this before. i use 2 isp's and have the same problem on both

i have newest drivers for modem and i tweaked the com ports and set the buffers to max on modem and com ports. it is set up with all the same settings as it was on my old install of win 98se.

what could be the problem.
also when i DL a file i dont get a very steady DL stream the modem lights blink and loss the connection and then regain it..WTF

ohh yea when i do get it to connect to a site i get peaks of 14.5K DL speeds using system monitor and some times steady at 5.1k so when it works it seems to be not bad for a dial up

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