Come to daddy
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Thread: Come to daddy

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    Come to daddy

    Anything intersting happen over the past week, I can't be assed to trawl through ten pages of posts, or anything else.

    Oh is Nightowl back. I hope so

    Chaos reigns within. Stop, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

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    oh you are so lazy... hehehe (so am i) and you just saved me the trouble of posting what you just did
    ps. so when is this BB going to switch to mind-controle, i hate typing....

    This.... don't click it....

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    Why have u been slacking off Psy?
    Anyway we were worried about Niteowl but he decided to come back. Also Tn got flammed pretty bad(still recouvering Alan??)

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    You missed jopey's drink fest Saturday night too. My *** kept getting dropped, so the guys made me drink a shot (I picked Tequila, some old Cuervo Gold I had in the house) everytime it happen! Damn, that's some wicked ****! I got dropped like a total of 15 times in 2 hours!! Also, TN got pissed at some guy name Snofurus or something like that at Farce3d's Coffee Shop who was complaining about TN's flaming by flaming TN! (Bunch of idiots over there!)

    And, yep Niteowl was gone, but he's back as well. And I'm still waiting for a damn cumine (celeron II)!!

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