I am going through some tuff **** right now and I really really need to get away from things ... I need sometime to get away and get my **** together if you know what I mean. As such, I am resigning as the moderator of this forum. I am sorry but I really need some time to get away and do some soul searching by myself. It's been nice knowing you guys. Before I go, there is just a few things I would like to pass on.

If you were to ask for my opinion (not that anyone is), I think Big Lar would be a good mod. cuz he has a cool head, doesn't say anything that is inflammatory, is around long enough to do the custodial work, has the respect of other members in the o/c forum, and lives in a time zone that is really different from Duckman. But I am not saying that Big Lar wants this gig (cuz I have not talk to him about this at all), but if I had to pick a mod, it would be him.

DMMD, try not to say things that gets the others here all wind up cuz it's easy to misunderstand you sometimes. And to everyone else, go easy on DMMD, he isn't a bad guy, he just say things that rubs people the wrong way (not by intend) sometimes.

Duckman, you sense of humour isn't that sick ... there are others here that are much worse than you.

And please, no more Cumine vs. Athlon. A complete computer system that uses either of these CPU's currently each have their own strong and weak points. Most of you guys here already know what these points are already, so really there is nothing much to argue over. When it comes down to it, we all here are in the same boat, so lets stop beating ourselves over the head!

Mole, it's been nice meeting you.

Tiberia, ditto.

If anyone of you want to pick up where I left off on the OCN SETI stats, here is a link to the OCN SETI page I saved at 1:30 A.M. this monday morning. I myself just use this and excel and I just cut and paste. BTW, it is easier to cut and paste from IE than Netscape into excel.

Mjarmark, thanks for this oppurtunity you have given me (in a way). I have learned much serving as the moderator of this forum.

Anyhow, enough ranting ... I guess you guys already know I am kinda long winded ... I used to run cross country, ya know! Anyhow, take care, try not to say/post anything you will regret when you are sober(so think coherently before you hit submit) and goodbye.

Maybe I will see you guys when I get things sorted out.

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