How can I overclock it more?
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Thread: How can I overclock it more?

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    How can I overclock it more?

    My system is an Abit BM6 mobo, Celeron 366, 128MB PC100 RAM, Stealth III 32MB video card, and a Voodoo2 12MB. I got my Celeron to overclock to 458MHz, but I can't get it to 550MHz. I have a huge heatsink/fan on my Socket-370 CPU, an 80mm fun in the front, The Card Cooler(which is just 2 80mm fans attached above my video card. I always keep my case open, so I think I have enough cooling. But I can't get it up to 550MHz. Got any tips on how I can? Thanx.
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    Have you tried upping the voltage a little bit?

    Do you have PC100 ram?
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    what week is that cel. I got mine running @ 577 on air. lapping could help too

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