Coppermine 650e oc issue
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Thread: Coppermine 650e oc issue

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    Coppermine 650e oc issue

    I just got a new retail 650E and overclocked it to 806MHZ rock stable at default voltage(retail heatsink). It seems like it can handle 133MHZ but have not tried yet.... What is the max cpu core can handle up to? Does it have the same core as PIII 800e?
    I have ABIT BE6, Crucial PC133, TNT2U, IBM ata66...win2k etc. Without using a sensor which came from ABIT is there a way of checking the temp of cpu?
    I am using addtronics 3890A case which I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. Slot1 to PGA converter did not fit in there so I had to make some adjustments before I installed cpu. Heard from people that it is the best oc case out there .... but it's got no space in it. I want to order an alpha but I am sure it won't fit.....

    Let me know if you has any known issues with 650E.


    PIII 650@806
    PC133 128MB ECC
    ABIT BE6
    TNT2 Ultra
    WD SCSI2 10K 5.2ms 18.3G
    Vortex2 w/ digital out
    Sony MHC-5500 Digital Signal Processer - 30 equalizers and Dynamic Sound

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    Im not sure about the core, but my 600e is at 902 and now that I have a better heatsink (globalwin) It is stable. I would think your 650 would do it too. good luck

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    Big Lar got into the low to mid 900's with his first one with air and 975 with a peltier

    Check the link though as it is not without risks.


    He is over a gig with the new one.


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